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April : restart and improve your crops in difficult climatic situation

Early spring this year is marked by major climatic contrasts : recorded high thermic ranges and heavy rainfall in some areas (South-west …) have been disturbing standing crops, vine, arbo), that may impair seedlings and generate growth delays and even losses in crop yield and quality on market produce (lettuce, strawberry …).

The solution

ANTYS program: antioxydant treatment and nutrition.

ANTYS NPK : ANTYS N P K (Antys 8, Antys 10 and Antys 15) + Mg and trace formulations rapidly restore vine, fruit tree and market produce crop development. ANTYS NPK antioxidant and nutritional formulation restart crop chlorophyll synthesis in situations of unsettled springtime (contrasted temperatures, humidity …) and imbalanced soils (unfertilized, ill-dried soils…).

ANTYS PMg : An antioxidant and nutritional active synergy (40% P205, 8.5% MgO, 4% N et 0.3% B). ANTYS PMg enhances cell resistance and multiplication; this double action improves flowering and pollination and greatly reduces risks of heterogeneousness (fruit and vegetables), millerandange (grapes), especially in cold, rainy weather.

ANTYS Fe : ANTYS Fe (3.5% EDTA Iron) antioxidant allows to fight ferric chlorosis. Its antioxidant action reinforces iron effectiveness and promotes its uptake by leaves while correcting rapidly iron deficiencies.

ANTYS K : Antioxidant and preventive action against potassic deficiencies (10%K2O). ANTYS K antioxidant provides active synergy on fruit resistance and quality, grapes and legume crops.



ANTYS 8, ANTYS 10 and ANTYS 15 : 2 to 3 foliar treatments as soon as vegetation starts at a dosage of 5 L/ha.
ANTYS PMg : 2 to 3 foliar applications as of leaf development and as flowering support at 3-5 L/ha.
ANTYS Fe : 2 to 3 applications as of leaf development and as flowering support at 3L/ha.
ANTYS K : 2 to 3 foliar applications as soon as canopy has developed enough, at a dosage of 5 L/ha.

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